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#1 lead by example

#2 The devil is in the details

#3 Communicate early & often

#4 transform home & lives

#5 you got it attutude

#6 Non-Toxic Commitment

At Going GreenHouse we have 6 Core Values. These values are posted on the wall for all to see, we discuss them at every meeting and we make sure everyone knows just how important it is to live by everyone as long as you’re on Team Going GreenHouse. 
Our Core Value #1 is to Lead By Example. This core value encompasses so many things that we pride ourselves on here. It means being professional and doing the right thing… even when nobody is watching. 

Leading by example starts with me, as the owner, and trickles all the way down to our newest trainee. It means having a good attitude. Sharing tips and tricks with other team members. It means being reliable and being proud of our work. It means anticipating the needs of others. Most importantly, it means taking responsibility when things go wrong and making it right. And when everything is going right, sharing the accolades with the whole team. 

We write praise for each other to recognize a job well done. We share kudos from clients and focus on WINS as a team!  If we have constructive feedback for anyone, it is done in private and isn’t seen as a negative but an opportunity to improve. When our crews have feedback for our leadership team, we listen and make adjustments based on their suggestions of how we can make Going GreenHouse an even better place to work. 

We foster openness and non-judgmental behavior so that nobody ever feels ashamed to share their story.  Because leading by example also means we help each other out when someone is in need. 
One of the best things about my position as a small business owner is being proud of the team that I employ of people that want to make a difference in others’ lives.  Our team is special.  They truly care and that is a direct result of our #1 Core Value.
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