How to make your service
the best it can be.

Lead By Example

So that we can spend more time focusing on cleaning your surfaces rather than moving your items please consolidate:

  • Items on surfaces – store under your sink or in a container while we’re there

  • Floors – anything that doesn’t belong on the floor should be stored in a closet or on a bed. Kids toys, pets toys, or laundry piles for example.

  • Make sure we have proper access to your home (working key, code, fob, etc.)

  • Disarm your security system if you have one during your service time slot.

Keep in mind that our arrival time is +/- 30mins (unless notified otherwise). Please be prepared to let us in so we can get started promptly when we arrive!

Have a meeting scheduled the day we arrive? No problem. Please make sure to text (602) 476-9321 before so we can let the crew know to do that side of the house/room first. That way we can stay on task and on time for your service.

If for some reason you must occupy a space during the entire scheduled time of your service, unfortunately our crew will have to skip cleaning it due to time constraints in our schedule.

Nope! We are happy to enter or exit the home by whatever means you are comfortable with. If you prefer not to be there, some common ideas are:

  • Let us in and then head out to run errands. We are happy to lock up and exit through the garage.

  • Issue us a key – we hold the key in a safe until the day of service when it is distributed to the crew leader. The key is not marked with any of your personal information.

  • Give us access with garage or door code.

  • Hide a key outside for us to use during the service.

We strive for consistency. With that said, employees sometimes get sick, go on vacation or move on to other opportunities. Each employee is trained using the same manual, quizzes and processes.

  • Bi-weekly staff meetings keep everyone on task and aware of new policies, products and procedures.

  • We use the standard checklist and your client profile notes to ensure that we provide you with the same consistent service every time.

  • If we don’t, we want to hear about it.

  • If there are changes in your regularly scheduled date or time of your cleaning, this will most likely result in getting a different crew that day.

If you want a better chance at having the same crew, consider signing up for Bi-Weekly/Weekly cleaning services!

The Devil is in the Details

We totally understand. Smell is super important, especially when you come home and want it to feel fresh! If you have issues with a particular smell, please:

  • Text us at (602) 476-9321

We will make sure to put it in your notes and our team will coordinate the best solution for you.

Please let us know at your consultation if you have allergies to certain products. You can check out our products here to make sure! Didn’t realize until after your consultation? Don’t worry, you can:

  • Text us at (602) 476-9321

Your safety and comfort is important to us.

We love our furry friends! One of the perks of this job is getting to make friends with so many cool cats, dogs and other animals. We have no problem at all with friendly and excited animals. However, if your pet is:

  • Has toys everywhere

  • Has had an accident

  • Anxious or aggressive around strangers

  • We ask that they please be on a leash or in a secure are while the crew is there and the toys and excrement be cleaned BEFORE we arrive!

Please be aware, if you refuse to crate, leash, or secure an anxious/aggressive animal that this is grounds for cancellation of our services with you.

We love your puppies, kitties, lizards and bunnies! We don’t love their excrement. Cleaning up pet messes including:

  • blood

  • urine

  • feces

  • vomit

This is the responsibility of the pet owner BEFORE we arrive! We are happy to let your pets outside (with your permission) to take care of business.

Communicate Early and Often

We are happy to accommodate cancellations or reschedules! This is what we need from you to make the process smooth and painless:

  • Text us at (602) 476-9321

  • 48 hours or more to avoid a 50% cancellation fee

  • Same day cancellations or lockouts are charged 100% of the service fee

  • Understanding that the availability for a reschedule in the near future varies

Have notes or a question? Please don’t hesitate to:

  • Text us at (602) 476-9321

The office will relay the message to your crew! We will take care of it as soon as possible.

As soon as you realize you need a change, we want to know! Even though our crew may be in your home when you realize you want a change, we ask that instead of talking to the crew to instead:

  • Text us at (602) 476-9321

This way we can make sure your notes get updated and ready for your next service with us.

If you discuss changes/customization with a crew leader on site, there is a risk of the information not being relayed due to their focus being pulled multiple ways with their busy schedule. Please only text this information so that office staff can get you what you need for your next service!

Going GreenHouse has the insurance and bonding to give you peace of mind:

  • General liability insurance protects you against damage to items in your home

  • Worker’s Compensation protects you against someone hurting themselves on the job on your property

  • Bonding protects you from theft

If anything in your home is irreplaceable or priceless, please let us know so that we can make a note in your file to steer clear of that item or, for 100% safety, put the item away in a safe place on the day we come clean.

Please be aware that we do our very best to leave everything in your home in better condition than we found it, but accidents do happen!

If an accident does occur at your home, the Crew Leader is required to fill out an Oops! Damage Report Form which will notify you as well as the office of the incident. The office will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss a remedy.

Transforming Homes & Lives

Tips are never expected but always appreciated! If you feel that your team went above and beyond please feel free to reward them. Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation:

  • Treats

  • Gift Cards

  • Cash

  • Positive feedback texted to us at (602) 476-9321

  • Leaving a 5 star review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook

Did you know employees get gift card incentives for a job well done? Kudos!

You Got It

Please let us know right away if your service is not up to par so that we can determine a way to earn a 5-star review form you in the future. We are ready and eager to please, so let us know how we can adjust your service to knock your socks off!

After every single service, we will send a feedback request email. However, if you don’t want to wait for the feedback email to come to you, here is the best way to get in touch/give feedback:

  • Text (602) 476-9321

  • Within 48 hours of your service

  • Provide pictures

Our policy is 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that we will send a crew out to your house as soon as is convenient for you, to bring the service up to the standard we pride ourselves on.

Non-Toxic Commitment

We make sure your environment is Non Toxic. That’s why we make sure our products are:

  • Pet safe

  • Kid safe

  • Used on the proper surfaces

Want more details or want to purchase some for yourself? Check out the Products Page!

We try to transform as many homes and lives as we can every day. To make sure we can achieve this goal, please refrain from casual off topic conversation or following our crew around during your service. This allows us to complete your cleaning within your allotted time so that you don’t incur added charges for over time.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want you to voice any concerns or changes. If you have any just:

  • Text us at (602) 476-9321


We require debit or credit card on file and a 50% deposit prior to the scheduling of your first service through our online client portal to make it a super seamless experience for all!

If you’d like to tip your crew, don’t worry, there will be a way for you to do so when you pay!

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