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Going GreenHouse Gives Back – Episode 5


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Going GreenHouse Gives Back – Episode 5

Welcome to the fifth installment of our Going GreenHouse Give Back campaign! I’m April, and today, we have the privilege of highlighting a remarkable family in our community to discuss how our initiative is providing them with a free, non-toxic house cleaning service. Joining us is Eric, who will share insights into his family’s life and how our services positively impact them. 

April: Eric, could you please introduce us to your household and share a bit about your family dynamics?

Eric: Thank you, April, for having me. In our household, there’s me, my girlfriend, Maddie, our children JaBraylen (9), Jordan (8), and Serenidy(17), and my mom, Janis.  And we can’t forget about our fur-family! We have two American Bully XL’s, Bella and Kimbo, and two cats, Xan and Loca. Our family is incredibly important to us, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of this campaign.

April:  We’re thrilled to have you here, Eric. Our Give Back program aims to support families like yours by providing them with a free, non-toxic house cleaning service. Could you tell us a bit about how you and Maddie initially connected?

Eric: Certainly. Maddie and I actually met online about two years ago. From our very first interaction, I was drawn to her warmth and compassion. She has a heart of gold and cares deeply for everyone in our household. 

April: It’s wonderful to hear about your connection. What would you say you admire most about Maddie, and how has it contributed to your family life?

Eric: Maddie’s compassion and thoughtfulness are truly admirable. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone in our household feels loved and cared for. Her selflessness sets a beautiful example for our children and fosters a strong sense of unity within our family. She’s incredibly thoughtful, and even on occasions like Valentine’s Day, she insists she doesn’t need anything.

April: That’s truly heartwarming, you’ve certainly found a gem, Eric. Moving on to your family activities, you mentioned that you enjoy spending time outdoors together. Could you share some of your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

Eric: Absolutely! We’re an adventurous bunch and love exploring the great outdoors as a family. We love simple things like going to the library or to the park to feed the ducks.  A favorite activity for Maddie and I (when we can get away) is snowboarding. Jordan has a passion for art and dance, so we try to incorporate those activities as well. We’re also planning to try adaptive skiing with JaBraylen soon, which should be a new and exciting experience for all of us. Serenidy is 17, goes to school and also has a job so we try to spend time with her when she’s available. During the summers, you’ll often find us on Saguaro Lake with our boat.

April: That sounds like a lot of fun and quality family time! Do you and Maddie have any special rituals or traditions that hold significant meaning for you?

Eric: We do. We’ve made it a tradition to host Christmas and Thanksgiving at our house for the past couple of years. I’ve been in Arizona for about a decade now, having moved from Southern Illinois. The change has been tremendous, thanks to Serenidy’s mom, who had initially wanted to move to Arizona for a better lifestyle.

April: Those sound like fantastic family traditions! I know it’s hard to do it all with a bustling lifestyle!  How do you envision our cleaning service positively impacting your family’s daily life and household dynamics?

Eric: Our family leads a busy life, we have nurses here almost every day and lots of doctors appointments as the 2 younger boys have severe respiratory issues.  Having a professional cleaning service would be a tremendous help. Maddie sees it as a valuable investment in our family’s well-being. With her juggling various responsibilities, having assistance with household chores even this one time, will alleviate stress and allow us to focus more on quality time together. Plus, it’ll be a significant step towards decluttering our home, which I’m particularly excited about.

April: Thank you, Eric, for sharing your story with us. Your family’s resilience and love for each other are truly inspiring, and we’re honored to be able to support you through our Give Back program. As we conclude this episode, it’s clear that our mission to provide non-toxic house cleaning services to deserving families like yours is making a meaningful impact.

Looking ahead to our next installment, we’ll be speaking with another incredible family in our community who have faced their own unique challenges. Join us as we continue to shine a spotlight on the importance of family, community, and the positive effects of a clean, healthy home environment. Until next time, stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and opportunities to give back.

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