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We KNOW We Aren’t The Cheapest Option For A House Cleaning Service. And Frankly, We Don’t Want To Be.


Unbeatable 5-Star Service

We KNOW We Aren’t The Cheapest Option For A House Cleaning Service. And Frankly, We Don’t Want To Be.

We are confident in the value that we bring in our services on a daily basis.    

It’s in our blood, we just LOVE to be of service. We LOVE to marvel our clients with our tips and tricks on how to get things clean (WITH NON-TOXIC PRODUCTS!) that you never thought would sparkle again!   

We pride ourselves on delivering a thorough, detail-oriented house cleaning service with a team that you can trust in your home. BUT if you didn’t know us already and follow this slowly (but surely) growing fan page would you know that…or even CARE??

We have been lucky enough to avoid doing a ton of marketing for the last 10 years that we have been in business. We have steadily grown year over year by JUST word of mouth referrals. We have built a network with many well-known networkers and business owners in the Valley and NOW we have a brand-spankin’ new website that we will be using to entice new clients that don’t already know us and love us.

It’s still a work in progress, we still have an FAQ page to add, among other things…but we would love for you to pop on and check it out and let us know what you really think. You KNOW us and we want to make sure that we are sending the message that proclaims “FIVE-STAR SERVICE” for those that are looking to hire a partner.   

Please comment below any feedback you have or please email me directly at if you prefer. We appreciate all of you that have used us, referred us, or just plain liked/shared/commented on our posts. We are 

here because of you and we’re looking to make a bigger impact with your help.   

As Always, Breathe Easy with Going GreenHouse

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