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What Should I Pay to Get My House Cleaned?


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What Should I Pay to Get My House Cleaned?

This is a subject near and dear to my heart as a common objection that I hear when proposing our services is “my old cleaner did it for half”, “my neighbor pays $25 an hour for hers”, or “where I moved from, it’s a lot less expensive”… 

Trust me. I know we are not the least expensive cleaning service in town, and frankly, I don’t want to be. We take great care of our employees here at Going GreenHouse and in order to retain an awesome team, there are costs involved in making our company an attractive place to work.  And I mean WORK because housecleaning is not easy! 

We charge roughly $55 per labor hour, which is competitive in our market for a non-toxic house cleaning business, considering our 5-star reviews and proven 10+year track record. Let’s take a standard 2000 Square foot home for example. On average, it takes a crew of 2 people 2 hours to clean this size home to our standard and we charge $220 for this service.  

What goes into this $55 per labor hour, you ask? Most notably, we provide healthcare, competitive wages, paid time off, paid holidays, paid sick time, and food and beverage for our team. This makes for happy team members and, in turn, happy clients! We also utilize industry-specific technology to quote and schedule clients, communicate with crew and clients, and grow our business.  

Someone charging significantly less may be a solo cleaner. There is nothing wrong with this, however, if this is the route you take, it would be prudent to ask for a background check, proof of workers compensation, general liability, and bonding to protect yourself and your home from damage, theft, or someone hurting themselves on your property. I have clients that have learned the hard way that someone that seems soooo nice in the beginning is more than happy to sue for 10’s of thousands of dollars if they get the opportunity. It’s quite the scheme.

If there is a business charging significantly less than we are, there is something fishy going on. Their employees could be 1099 (contractor) employees (hopefully carrying all of the protections above) or their employees are not being paid close to a living wage and potentially not even minimum wage because the owner can get away with paying by the job unit instead of by the hour. Yikes. 

All in all, a clean home is a clean home. I know people that go the solo cleaner route and sometimes you can find a really good and reliable one! However, if you are not interested in shouldering the additional liability that this presents, I highly recommend contacting a long-standing, reliable cleaning service like ours to take care of your home.  

As Always, Breathe Easy with Going GreenHouse 

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